akpors and Ekaiete on whatsapp

AKPORS & EKAIETE CONVERSATION ON WHATSAPP Akpors: Hi Dear, How you doing?? Ekaiete: Am Fine. Akpors: Where You At?? Ekaiete: Dad's Driver Is bringing me to school with his jeep. Akpors: Oh! Lovely. Just wanted to tell you not... ... [Read more....]

7 Signs You Are Totally An Oversabi

Everyone has that one friend or sibling or colleague or neighbour that seems to know it all every time. Either you do know one or you are one. However, if you’re in doubt, this list by NAIJAMOUTHED will definitely clear your... ... [Read more....]

Just Imagine What This Lady Is Doing

All in the name of civilization...or better still, the craze of wanting to copy Oyibo people and their way of life. Sadly, it's only few wayward Oyibo celebrities that do nasty stuffs like this. But some of our ladies, once they see something... ... [Read more....]

The Igbo Man and The Nacked Lady

A naked lady ran into an Igbo man's taxi. She told the driver where she was going. The lgbo man didn't start the car but he was just staring at the girl over & over again. The lady saw him and said: what's ur problem... ... [Read more....]

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