Vera Sidika is a Kenyan television and social media personality who stuns in everything. The 27-year-old socialite was voted as one of Africa’s top and East Africa’s top video vixens.

Her extraordinary and lavish lifestyle made people regard her as one of Kenya’s most controversial ladies. Sidika’s features made her perfect as an African woman but all that changed the moment she felt she would be better off as a ‘white’ lady.

The beautiful lady used thousands of skin lightening products before she became the face people reckon with now. The use of bleaching products is a trend as beauticians and cosmetologists make a fortune out of it. Men are not an exception here as they enjoy the attention that comes with being light skinned.

Bleaching is being supported by a large number of people in the society as the mentality that fair skinned girls are more attractive than dark girls.

See the photos of the Kenyan lady before she became fair-skinned:

1. The black and beautiful days


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